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Goals For Growth
  • Goals For Growth


    You don't have to choose between success and wellbeing.


    Learn how to clarify what you really want and chase your high standards, without sacrificing connection and wellbeing.


    This goes far beyond the superficial SMART goal framework and habit building-hacks to get to the core of why we struggle, and how we can overcome it.


    Take part in this webinar (roughly 75 mins) where we will cover:

    • Meaningful goals
    • Blocks to intrinsic motivation
    • Biosocial goals & insecure striving
    • Competitive self-criticism
    • Costs of pursuing self esteem
    • Developing a secure sense of self
    • Striving for value-based goals



    1. Goals for Growth workbook
    2. Guided practices
    3. Full reference list
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