Body Image Webinar Series

Body Image Webinar Series

Why do we care about how we look? Why does changing how we look do little to change how we feel? How can we actually feel good about our bodies, and help others to do the same?


This webinar series is a deep dive into body of scientific research on body image. It is designed to increase your understanding of what body image is, how it manifests and the steps we can take to improve someones body image.


This five part series will cover:

  • The cognitive behavioural model of body image
  • Past and present influences that affect one's body image
  • Impacts of a poor body image
  • Key components of a negative body image
  • How to reduce a negative body image
  • Positive body image theory
  • How to promote a positive body image


Includes: 5 webinars, access to presentation PDF downloads, over 100 references.