Coaching Mentorship

Learn how to take a more comprehensive approach to coaching and help your clients change from the inside out.


Mentorship consists of four 60 minute video calls delivered fortnightly, over the course of 8 weeks.


You will receive your own mentee folder housing recordings of our calls, notes and any applicable resources.


You will have the opportunity to direct the mentorship yourself, depending on what you would like to learn.


Topics include:

  • Service analysis from intake to check-ins

  • Promoting Flourishing Health alongside physique changes

  • The psychology of self-monitoring: what should a client monitor? What's helpful and what's harmful?

  • Alternatives to macro-tracking and when they are suitable

  • Effectively communicating with clients and offering education appropriately

  • Addressing non-adherence in a way that is helpful, not harmful

  • Guiding client goal setting

  • Scope of practice with body image and disordered eating concerns

  • When & how to read research

  • Useful content creation

If you have questions about the mentorship, you can inquire here.

  • Learn how to take a more comprehensive approach to coaching.

    275 British pounds