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Coaching Mentorship


Coaching Mentorship

You probably have enough training and nutrition knowledge.

Successful coaching takes way more than that.

This mentorship is for health and fitness professionals who want to:

Overcome imposter syndrome and improve their confidence in their coaching abilities.
Create deeper and longer lasting results that extend far beyond physique changes.
Help clients tap into meaningful motivation and improve compliance.
Develop flexible coaching methods and expand their skillset to include alternatives to macro-tracking.
Help clients work through psychological barriers, address disordered eating behaviours and improve their body image.
Clarify your own direction for your coaching path and continuing professional development.

Holly, Beyond The Sweat

I could tell that body image was a big barrier for many of my clients. Shannon was able to help me develop a base structure that worked with my business for taking clients through a body image process, and helped me think about customizing it based on individual clients. Shannon is a wealth of knowledge and will open your mind and your coaching practice to a whole new world!


Alice Lily Coaching 

Investing in a coaching mentorship with Shannon was one of the best things I ever did for myself and my coaching business. Every single week I learned way more than I even thought I would on our calls, and things I could take away and immediately apply in my coaching. I have a much deeper understanding of how better support my clients in the ways they need.


Caroline, Head Nutritionist

I chose Shannon because of her sheer level of knowledge in regards to psychology. She gave me everything I expected and more. I wanted to be challenged and develop my coaching skills and she was PERFECT for the job. I learnt a lot about how to improve our services and can’t thank her enough. Her work has inspired and guided my coaching for along time now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

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Apply for 1-1 Mentoring

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You will receive:
Fortnightly/bi weekly 60 minute video calls to discuss client case studies
A personal folder with recommended research to improve your knowledge
Practical worksheets to improve your services and enhance client results

Tennaia, Nutrition Coach

Working with Shannon has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made for not only my business but also my own personal development. I have been able to identify what kind of coach I'd like to be & have become clear on the message I wish to send to my current & future clients around the importance of self-acceptance, body image, our values and having freedom around food.

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Milos, Nutrition Coach

Shannon is a rare, trustworthy, high quality source of information for helping clients in overcoming common psychological blocks when it comes to changing their behaviors.  Shannon is was exceptional mentor, challenging and compassionate guide that helped me immensely in improving my own thought process, skills and my knowledge base that I now successfully use in my
work with clients.


Maya, Nutrition Coach

Working with Shannon as my mentor has completely transformed the way I help my clients, resulting in a much greater impact on their success as well as my confidence as a health coach. The quality of knowledge that Shannon shares in every one of our sessions has been pivotal in the growth and success of my coaching business and I cannot thank her enough for her expertise in helping me navigate the gray area inside the health and wellness industry. 

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Santiago Gomez, Nutrition Coach

Shannon transformed how I work with my clients, helped me find a middle ground in the conflicting health and fitness industry, and guided me to discover my own coaching path. Without a doubt, one of the best investments I have made this year.


Chauntae Gold, Behavior Analyst

I came to Shannon after I realized I was hitting roadblocks with a couple clients who needed help beyond macros and exercise. Shannon provided me with honest feedback about my coaching style. Letting go of that and learning more flexible and practical approaches to nutrition coaching has given me confidence I needed to help my clients in a more meaningful way. 


Roger Sutherland, Nutrition Coach

The experience of working with Shannon has been nothing short of incredible. Shannon has armed me with not only the knowledge, but tools I can use, which has given me great confidence and results with clients’ mindset. It’s been a game changer for me, and the feedback has been humbling.

Help Clients Achieve More

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Shannon beer

is the cofounder of Comprehensive Coaching, and applied framework for a conscientious approach to coaching that integrates MI, ACT and CBC skillsets to facilitates changes in a client’s internal environment to empower them to confidently, independently, and intentionally respond to external challenges with beneficial adaptations in order to flourish.

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