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Comprehensive Coaching

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In collaboration with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro,  PhD, CISSN, CHC, I’ve developed and adopted a unique approach to coaching that we term Comprehensive Coaching ©.


We define this as, ‘A conscientious approach to coaching which facilitates changes in client’s internal environment to empower them to confidently, independently, and intentionally respond to external challenges with beneficial adaptations in order to flourish’.

I establish an alliance with my clients by addressing the practical and psychological aspects of change, leading to lasting results that promote individual flourishing.  This holistic approach to health expands far beyond the physical domain, giving clients the tools they need to initiate change from the inside out.

Comprehensive Coaching © utilises motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral coaching techniques to catalyze and facilitate behavior change, thus fueling a paradigm shift from authoritative to collaborative coaching. I invite you to read and learn more about my approach which is covered in our Bridging the Gap series. 

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