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Body Image Foundations

This webinar series is designed for health professionals who want to support clients with improving their body image.

This webinar series will help you to...

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What body image is, how it develops, and how it affects your clients' lives and eating behaviours.

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Signs of a negative body image within your clients, and obstacles to change.

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Your clients to accept, respect and appreciate their bodies and feel confident in themselves.

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These webinars will cover...

How to screen your clients and identify their body image strengths and weaknesses.

Helping clients to understand their body image triggers and deal with their day to day experiences.

Cognitive restructuring exercises to help modify unhelpful appearance assumptions and core beliefs.

Helping your clients to understand the past and present influences that affect their body image.

Identifying critical self talk and developing a more realistic and compassionate inner voice. 

Activities designed to decrease the importance clients place on their weight and shape.

Why Do We Care About How We Look?

Change the way your clients think

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the webinars for?

These webinars are designed for any health professional (coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, psychologists or behavioural analysts, etc) who works with clients that may be concerned about their appearance.


What do I get with the webinars?

You will receive access to all webinars in video format, PDF downloads and worksheets to implement into your practice.

Are the webinars self-paced?

You can watch the webinars at your own pace and you’ll have access to the lessons after it officially ends. There are no specific times when you have to complete certain tasks.

Will I lose access?

Webinars will be available on an ongoing basis. You will receive free access to all updates.

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